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What is a speedbike? - Definition

So what exactly is a speedbike?

The speedbike is a faster and more powerful electrically assisted bicycle than traditional 25 km/h electrically assisted bikes.

Unlike the latter, the speedbike is legally considered to be a 50 cc moped.

Indeed, the assistance of the bike can go up to 45 km/h and is not limited to 25 km/h like a traditional speed bike because the engine power is no longer limited to 250 W nominal.

For example, our road approved LMX 64H has a nominal motor power of 1.5 kW.

What to have fun!

Why buy a speedbike? - What are the advantages of the speed bike compared to electrically assisted bikes?

Lighter than a scooter or moped

If you take the LMX 64H and its featherweight 30 kg, a speedbike is 3 to 5 times lighter than a regular moped.

The handling is then made easy and accessible to all and its handling allows you to regain the driving sensations and speed of an enduro mountain bike, but with less effort on the climbs.

Your outings are extended in duration and distance!

Accessible to everyone

No need for a permit, just the BSR which is accessible from 14 years old.

In addition, the speedbike is easy to transport because it can be loaded quickly on a bike carrier (no need for a trailer).

Discreet and silent for a moped

The absence of engine noise and vibrations allow riders to train and focus on trajectories, improvisation and fun, without disturbing their environment.

Goodbye noise pollution and carbon emissions!

No more frustration with the 25 km/h limit

Now you can indulge yourself with electric assistance of up to 45 km / h!

On the LMX 64H, the 2.5 kW of peak engine power is a treat.

LMX TIP: The LMX 64 has double electric assistance because it has a rotating handle on the handlebars! Ideal for making the most of all the power of the bike.

This functionality is made possible by the 45 km/h homologation.

Limited maintenance compared to a scooter

Maintenance is made easy, simple and limited (washing, greasing, and tires). In fact, it is similar to that of a conventional eBike. User costs are therefore reduced. Long live the savings!

Urban practice

Easy to transport and park, the speedbike is perfect for going to work and being fast in the city, while having fun. It is even safer than a simple bicycle on a road axis because there is almost no speed difference with the cars and the exposure to danger is reduced. Floor space is also reduced, as it takes up less space than a scooter.

It is also perfect for having fun off-road on weekends with good battery life: 850 Wh for the LMX 64H!

Speedbike legislation in France? - What are the regulations around the speed bike?

 The speed bike falls into the L1e-B category which is, as said previously, the category of mopeds (scooters, mopeds, and other mopeds below 50 cc).

The regulations that affect this type of bicycle are therefore those applied to this category.

Here are the essential points to respect when using a speed bike:

- Take out civil liability insurance.

- Wear an approved moped helmet because a simple bicycle helmet is not authorized.

- Gloves are also required during your outings.

- The speedbike is accessible from 14 years old and requires the AM license (formerly the BSR).

- The bike must have a gray card and a number plate.

- With a speed bike, you cannot take cycle paths and “green” tracks unless otherwise indicated (mopeds allowed).

- A few parts are also needed on the bike in addition to the license plate: a mirror, a rear brake light, front lighting and a kickstand.

Convinced of the speedbike?

Find our 45 km / h road approved model right here: LE LMX 64H

There is also an off-road version for outings on private roads: LE LMX 64T

You can read the new article on the routine maintenance of yout LMX.

The link is just here : CLICK HERE

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