LMX double assistance: innovation at the service of versatility

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A desire for innovation and an assumed bet

Why double assistance?

First of all, why talk about double assistance?

Unlike conventional ebikes which have only one electric assistance via a torque or cadence sensor, the LMX 64 offers a second assistance: a throttle on the handlebars.

Like on a motorcycle!

Over the course of the modes, the two assistances can be independent and combine according to what suits them best.

This dual assistance is a technology at the heart of LMX's philosophy.

Indeed, one of our missions is to place innovation at the service of versatility and sporting pleasure.

Electric assistance is not a “lazy” or “pseudo-athletic” solution, no! It is a real way to surpass yourself and have fun in a different way.

With the ultra versatile LMX 64, there is something for everyone :

For those who love cycling but want to surpass themselves in terms of sensations.

For those who come from enduro and want a light vehicle, manoeuvrable and without constraints, while regaining the sensations of the motorcycle.

For those who are passionate about innovation and design.

A unique innovation on the market

A 45 km/h approved bike with a throttle grip on the handlebars and a torque sensor?

Designed and manufactured in France by two-wheeler freeride enthusiasts?

You only find this at LMX Bikes!

This is a unique innovation of which we are proud and which is as close to our heart as our #double transmission.

The LMX 64 turns out to be a true concentrate of technology.

The pedaling torque sensor

How does it works ?

This first electric assistance is the one you will find most commonly on conventional ebikes.

This is a sensor located at the bottom bracket which will determine the speed of rotation of the pedals as well as the torque supplied by the rider.

The assistance power is then proportional to the effort you put into the pedaling and the assistance mode chosen on the LMX, for an extremely natural and responsive feeling.

Of the 5 modes available on the LMX, the torque sensor is active on the first 4 modes.

In mode 1, 2 and 3, you only have access to this assistance mode. It is he who will help you overcome all obstacles by increasing your physical effort.

From mode 4, the accelerator on the handlebars becomes active, in addition to the sensor always present. This is the most versatile and fun mode!

The accelerator on the handlebars

How does it work ?

The accelerator on the handlebars is the second assist system of the LMX 64. This is where the added value of the vehicle lies.

It is a twist grip located on the handlebars that acts as an accelerator, just like on a moped or a motorcycle!

The power delivered is then proportional to the user instruction and to the assistance mode chosen on the LMX.

You just have to turn the handle for an immediate response and enjoy the full power of your vehicle, without the need to pedal.

This accelerator is available in modes 4 and 5 of the LMX, to give you the full power of the engine!

During enduro and off-road outings, the accelerator on the handlebars allows you to put the gas in at any time to pass an obstacle or start again on a hill even in situations where you cannot pedal.

A real stroke of genius for all enduro fans who want to rediscover the sensations of motorcycling while pedaling on a sports vehicle with a real reserve of power.

LMX Modes and Assistance Degrees Guide

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