LMX looks back on the 2020 year

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A rich and intense year, from all angles


2020 will have been an intense year for LMX Bikes full of new things, both internally and externally.

Here we come back to the highlights that marked this year and to what made LMX a growing company at the heart of innovation.

Approval validated for the LMX 64, the start of a huge boom in orders ...

From January to May 2020, we worked hard on the homologation of our speed bike, the LMX 64.

After numerous reliability tests and a lot of paperwork, we have succeeded in obtaining the European homologation of the 50 cc mopeds (L1e-B).

Our speed bike then became the LMX 64H!

It was from there that the number of orders exploded. Between deconfinement and the approval acquired, you have decided to trust us and to believe in this project.

The machine was on!

Internal and external growth to meet this demand

To respond to this new rhythm, we have carried out an internal staff renewal.

At the beginning of June, a new foreman arrived and took charge of all the assembly of the bicycles and motorcycles.

In mid August, an apprentice was recruited to take charge of communication and business development for LMX.

LMX has also developed its network externally thanks to the arrival of several resellers in Europe:

UK-based Stag Motorcycles decided to join our network in May to meet demand from the UK market. Several LMXs have since been sold thanks to him to customers in the country.

In September, Gruber Parts in Germany joined us.

Very recently, Energie Vélo (in Rivery) also decided to trust us and develop our network of resellers in France.

You can find the complete list of our resellers by CLICKING HERE

The launch of a premium limited edition of our LMX 64H

At the beginning of November, we launched a pre-order campaign for a special edition of our speed bike: the LMX 64 Ultimate!

The principle: only 20 models of our LMX 64 assembled with the best parts on the market for a high-end and premium finish.

New fork, new shock absorber, new color, new transmission, new tires, discover the exclusive parts of this edition JUST HERE.

The end of pre-orders ends on December 31, so don't wait any longer to take advantage of them, there are only a few frames left!

Deliveries will start from March 2021.

Constantly evolving and ever more optimized bikes

The approval of the LMX 64 was the perfect opportunity to achieve as many technical developments as possible on the bike:

The software of the controller has been optimized to improve the feeling of the torque sensor and a belt transmission has been developed for ever more silent and discreet mechanics.

Other developments have since emerged. We have made the customization of our models more accessible thanks to a new magnetic USB port which allows the modes to be adapted as needed, always in compliance with the homologation.

All our customers have been able to benefit from these new added values ​​free of charge. Indeed, we are committed to sharing these constant innovations as much as possible.

The promise of a year 2021 full of innovations

You will understand that 2020 has been a very intense year for LMX.

Production ran at full speed despite the supply of parts which were sometimes very complicated due to the health crisis.

However, we managed to meet the deadlines and manage as well as possible this year which is so special for all of us.

2021 will, we hope, be a continuation of 2020 in terms of growth

Developing our network of dealers in Europe, optimizing our vehicles as much as possible and sharing all these innovations with you are our main objectives for this new year

We can't wait!

The whole LMX team wishes you a happy New Year's Eve and therefore says "See you next year!"

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