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Every two weeks, Friday 4:30pm

1 staff picked LMX with 15% off

Every two weeks, Friday 4:30pm on this page, a special LMX configuration appears at an exceptionnal price until the following Monday 8:30am. Only one person can catch it. Will you be the first?

Time is out!

Next reveal : Friday 17th May, 4:30pm

One LMX, one chance to join the adventure

Size of  your choice

Colors: –

Tires: –

Suspension Pack: –

Peripheral Pack: –

Saddle: –

Pedals: –


€xxxx  €xxxx

Save €xxxx (15% off)

The very last one (LMX 161 MXR) 

One LMX, one chance to join the adventure


Unique size 

Colors: Orange kit / White fairings

Version: Not street legal (up to 80 km/h)

Tires: Front : DURO 26″ x 3″ / Rear : 19″ x 2.75″ (trial)

Suspension Pack: Bos Obsys 210mm fork / Bos Syors shock

Brakes: Formula Cura 4

Transmission: Reinforced chain Pitch 415

Automatic chain tensioner

Engine power: 3.1kW continuous / 9kW peak

Battery: 2kWh

€8,844.00  €7,517.40

Save €1,326.60 (15% off)

Light weight, big power, high performance

Motocross électrique adulte LMX 161
Moto electrique adulte
Electric Motocross LMX 161 lightweight motocross bike
Motocross électrique adulte LMX 161
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  • Purchase outside of France only (for country with an LMX dealer, see Q&A below)
  • Order on the LMX Bikes website only
  • Offer not combinable with other promotional codes


Each configuration is revealed on Friday at 4:30pm, and is available until the following Monday at 8:30am.
Only one order is possible, first come, first served.

The configuration unveiled each Friday is unique and unchangeable. Come back next week to discover the new mystery configuration.

You can choose the size of the LMX 56 after ordering. The LMX team will get back to you to help you choose the ideal frame size.

The available payments on the LMX website are payment by Credit Card* in several installments and payment by bank transfer.

*initial payment of 20% of the basket at the time of ordering. The LMX team will then contact you for the settlement of the balance of the order before delivery.

14 to 18 weeks* from validation of the order until your LMX is ready to be shipped or picked up.
*deadline varies depending on volume of orders to be processed

The LMX 56 is delivered from the LMX workshop to your address by a specialized carrier. For optimal delivery, the LMX 56 is fixed to a wooden pallet and placed under thick cardboard packaging.

Pickup of the LMX 56 at the LMX Bikes workshop is possible. Address: 1623 Avenue Henri Schneider, 69330 Jonage, FRANCE

The LMX team will contact you quickly to determine together the better frame size.
A purchase order confirmation is sent to you following this exchange.
Your order is recorded in our production chronological list.
The LMX team will keep you informed as soon as your LMX enters production in order to prepare for its future shipment or recovery in our workshop.

The model unveiled each Friday is a unique piece. Only one order is possible for this offer.

The order can only be placed on the LMX Bikes website. If you wish to go through a LMX dealer shop, we will redirect your placed order to the dealer of your choice (UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway,…).

This offer is unique. The price cannot be combined with another promotional code.

To contact the LMX Bikes team, click here.

Except for the elements referred to in the FAQ, the General Terms and Conditions of Sale are identical to those of a standard order of LMX 56.

View the LMX General Terms and Conditions.