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LMX is able to integrate its unique solutions into high performance mobility projects. Thanks to dedicated teams and means, LMX offers to build and manage industrial projects quickly and efficiently, on behalf of OEM customers.


The Design Center, located at Spark Racing Technology in Tigery, allows the in-house design of many technologies, ranging from engines to transmissions, including the chassis of electric vehicles.


LMX motors are available as OEM solutions for integration into your high performance projects, thanks to Spark x LMX engineering.


The production workshop allows total independence in the industrial manufacture of LMX products and control of the process by in-house teams.


LMX has real expertise in the certification of its technologies and platforms. Knowledge and mastery of this complex step is essential for the marketing of products.

45 km/h ebike motorization

“The right solution for stand out ebike. Designed to save your time and cost.”

LMX Technologies


  • 2,500 W peak
  • 2,000 W continuous
  • 36 V(min)-52V(STD)
  • 175 N.m of torque at the wheel
  • Torque sensor with ISIS axis


  • Capacity 1,000 Wh / 5kg
  • Integrated canbus BMS, with SOC leds
  • Discharge 50A, charge 8A (max)

Rear hub

  • Standard Boost 12×157
  • Patented double transmission
  • Suitable for normal records and cassettes


  • IO-CAN-BT Gateway
  • Connect to APP
  • 12V/3A power supply

LMX Solutions

Project details

Aluminium frames manufacture

“Unique know-how mastered from the start at LMX”

Industrial equipment

Backed by historical industrial experience, we now support players in the manufacture of their aluminum frames.

  • CNC press brake
  • Heat treatment oven
  • CNC milling machine
  • Welding robots
  • Thermoformer
  • Etc.
Vélo rapide LMX 64 Apex

LMX Solutions

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“Engineering and Prototyping”

LMX/Spark offer engineering and prototyping outsourcing services.

  • Design office
  • Engineering staff
  • Prototyping capability
  • Quality Control

Project examples

  • 10 kW quadricycle
  • 18kW kart
  • 30 kW quad
  • 2 kW moped

Spark Racing Technology x LMX Bikes

“A promising partnership, growing through a common vision.”

Since 2020, LMX Bikes and SPARK Racing Technology have decided to collaborate hand in hand through a common vision : the development of powerful and innovative e-bikes.

The sharing of their knowledge and their individual resources have enabled the development of new electric vehicles at the cutting edge of technology.

Vélo électrique rapide
Logo Spark

SPARK Racing Technology is a company specializing in the development and manufacture of high-performance electric cars and modules since 2012.

A major player in electric motorsport racing, one of its main projects is the Extreme E race. The aim is to bring electric racing cars to the most remote places on the planet to highlight their high performance under extreme environmental conditions.

LMX specializes in the design, manufacture and assembly Made In France of off-road electric two-wheelers approved for 45km/h since 2016.

Our mission = to offer high-performance, light and easy vehicles, equipped with innovative proprietary technologies.

Since 2016, 2 patents have been filed and 5 platforms have been designed (chassis, engine, transmission).

Do you have a project to propose to us ? Maybe it’s time to start a new adventure…