About LMX

LMX for Lightweight Motocross (MX)

The LMX story

All started with passion. Originally, we wanted to bring to market the freeride electric two-wheeler of our dreams : an ultra-powerful electric mountain bike.

The chassis of the first prototypes was not strong enough and suitable for pedaling at the time, so the pedals had to be replaced by toe clips. The ebike turned into an electric motorcycle with a look close to a downhill mountain bike.

Our ambition then became to develop an all-terrain electric two-wheeler, lighter, more fun and therefore more manageable than a thermal motorcycle.

More pleasure and less constraints in off-road leisure practice !

The LMX 161 lightweight electric motorcycle was born.

But the desire for a pedal two-wheeler has not left our minds. We have worked on a double transmission technology, making possible the concept of a light, powerful and fun vehicle. The LMX 81 was therefore developed, and became the brand’s first 45km/h speed bike.

History continues to be written every day, thanks to the innovation and inventiveness demonstrated by the LMX team !

Why electric ?

“Quieter, lighter, less maintenance, to fully enjoy the bike rides”

  • First electric mountain bike project
  • First prototypes of ultra-light electric motorcycle (P1 and P2)
  • 6 first pre-series models sold as frameset (P2.1)
  • Production of LMX P2.2 and P2.3 frame kits (40 vehicles)
  • Brand and company creation
  • First manufacturing workshop in Frontonas (150m2)
  • New brand platform : the ultra-light electric motorcycle (LMX 161)
  • New high-performance electric bike (LMX 81)
  • Double transmission patent
  • BPI French Tech certification
  • Homologation of the electric motorcycle (LMX 161H)
    Prototypes of the 45 km/h speed bike (LMX 64)
  • Relocation of the manufacturing workshop to Frontonas (455m2)
  • Speed bike homologation (LMX 64H)
  • Launch of the partnership with Spark Racing Technology
  • Launch of the LMX 64 Ultimate limited series (20 numbered frames)
  • Evolution of the LMX 161 offroad (LMX 161 MXR)
  • Public launch of the LMX 56 speed bike
  • Membership of the CARA regional cluster
  • Membership of the Association of Industrialists of the Meyzieu Region (AIRM)
  • Winner of the Stars et Métiers Contest, Innovation category
  • Moving of the manufacturing workshop to Jonage (841m2)
  • Commitment to competition of LMX 161 MXR
  • Industrialization of the LMX 56
  • Speed bike homologation (LMX 56H)

A patented transmission system

“It is thanks to the technology of the dual transmission that we were able to put our LMX back on the pedals while keeping the power acquired” Adam Mercier, founder

LMX 64 Technologie

The LMX brand

Our know-how

Design, manufacture, assembly of powerful electric motorcycles and speed bikes.

Vélo électrique LMX 56
speed bike

Our mission

Offer high-performance, light and accessible all-terrain two-wheelers, while respecting excellent off-road reliability.

Our vision

Become a player in an electric future for motorsports.

Our values

Made In France – Passion – Entrepreneurship – Innovation – Expertise

The LMX team

From design to maintenance of the LMX two-wheelers

LMX is a team of enthusiasts who work every day with the aim of growing the company to offer drivers ever more efficient vehicles.

Maintaining our independence and developing our know-how are part of LMX’s daily missions. Thus, we take care of the design, manufacture, assembly, sales, marketing and maintenance of the LMXs in-house.

Vélo vert Festival

Discover the LMX team in video

Awards / Cluster

Sinds 2016 heeft LMX Bikes verschillende prijzen en onderscheidingen ontvangen in Frankrijk.

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