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vélo électrique LMX 56
LMX 56
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LMX 64
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LMX 161

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LMX 56
LMX 64
LMX 161


It is a faster and more powerful electric bike than a classic ebike. Indeed, it can go up to 45 km/h against 25 km/h at the assistance. It is considered a moped by European law (L1e-B).

This type of vehicle is perfect for commuting to work or for having fun on weekends during sporty off-road adventures.

Note that wearing an approved helmet is mandatory as well as the presence of a license plate and moped insurance.

This is the regulation category for speed bikes and 50cc scooters. It allows these vehicles to drive up to 45 km/h on public roads and authorized trails.

Equipment is necessary to bring two-wheelers into this category: a specific saddle, mirrors, headlights, approved tires, a buzzer and specific brakes.

The LMX models are road-legal and have this equipment in their H version.

Whether it’s our speed bikes or our motorcycles, our models are accessible from the age of 14 with a BSR, or an adult with a car driving licence.

Frame size M is recommended for people under 1m80.

Frame size L is recommended for people over 1m80.

Our workshop in Jonage opens its doors to visitors by appointment. Our sales team will show you around our premises and try out the LMX model of your choice.

For this, you must book an appointment here: BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

Are you far from Lyon? Contact the reseller near you directly: SEE ALL OUR DEALERS

The LMX 64 and the LMX 56 were designed around the same philosophy. A 45 km/h speed bike designed for all-terrain. Around a unique pilot experience thanks to its double assistance: pedaling + throttle on the handlebars.

The geometry and chassis of the LMX 56 have been designed for crossing and technical climbs. The LMX 64 was designed for speed.

The details of the technical differences are detailed in the document below.


> Improvements to the lateral rigidity of the chassis

> Perfect geometry for crossing

  • Smaller and wider rear rims (35 mm).
  • Larger and thinner front rims (30 mm)

> An optimized rear hub:

  • A belt pulley that is almost invisible because it is smaller than the disc
  • Presence of a gear motor in the motor
  • Reinforced freewheel
    BOOST 157mm

> Engine block:

  • Sealing optimized by lip seals on all interfaces
    A single connector to unplug to disassemble the block
    More continuous cutting thanks to the helical gear reducer

> Battery: temperature sensors and on-board diagnostics for optimal lifespan

Most parts are guaranteed for 2 years.

This warranty covers the cycle part, excluding wear parts, namely: tires, pads, brake discs, grip handles, chain guides, transmission components, bearings, guide rings, bearings, painting and surface treatments.

The battery is under warranty for 1 year.

When you receive your LMX, it comes with a user manual. The latter contains a maintenance schedule which includes the various checks to be carried out according to the mileage of your LMX. These maintenance operations ensure the good performance of your LMX. The invoicing of maintenance operations is at our discretion if this maintenance schedule is not respected.


Appointments are made by selecting the department concerned :

  • Try an LMX Workshop repair
  • Workshop withdrawal
  • Perform a Remote session
  • The Remote session is a way to diagnose the vehicle and adjust it remotely.

So you don’t have to travel. On the other hand, it requires that the customer have downloaded various software beforehand.

The LMX factory is located at the following address.

1623 avenue Henri Schneider, 69330 Jonage

Click on the document below to download the instructions.

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Thanks to the LMX knowledge base that we regularly update, find complete answers to your technical questions, wherever you want, when you want.


The LMX factory is located at the following address.

1623 avenue Henri Schneider, 69330 Jonage

Click on the document below to download the instructions.

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LMX stands for Lightweight Motocross (MX), or Ultralight Motocross.

LMX was a brand of ultra-light all-terrain and freeride electric motorcycles.

It then developed in the speed bike segment with the 45 km/h approved LMX 56 that you know today.

Have you ever wondered why your LMX was called that way during one of your outings or during a chat with friends?

The answer is right here: The name of your LMX simply refers to the number of cells in the battery.

LMX 64 is thus composed of 64 cells, LMX 161 of 161 cells, and LMX 56 … of 56 cells. Small subtlety : the number of cells does not necessarily refer to the capacity of your LMX.

For example, the LMX 56 is made up of fewer cells, but more powerful, for an even more efficient and optimized battery. You now know the story of your LMX !

Do you want to join the team and work at LMX ? Visit the Careers page to view our latest job offers or send your unsolicited application.


Have you found the offer of your dreams or would you like to send us your spontaneous application ?

You can apply directly here APPLY AT LMX attaching :

  • Your CV in French and/or English
  • A short text to tell a little more about you, your motivations, your passions, etc.
  • All other documents useful for your application (books, reports)