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The LMX 56 in the heart of the Hortus Vineyards: A True Utility Vehicle

Second episode of our Success Stories series. 

Dive into the heart of the LMX universe and discover passionate people who bring the brand to life through their exceptional adventures. This report is available in video, directly on our YouTube channel.

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The Domaine de l'Hortus: a family history at the heart of Pic Saint-Loup

Nestled between Hortus cliff and the Pic Saint-Loup, the Domaine de l’Hortus is a vineyard established in the 1970’s by the Orliac family.

We had the opportunity to meet François Orliac, one of the sons, who works on the family project with his brothers.

The estate has embraced organic, sustainable, and modest agriculture as its tradmark. This choice reflects an understanding of the soils and climates of the estate. The vineyard’s layout allows the operation to fully adapt to the natural environment of the valley.

This intention is also reflected in the development of integrated architecture on the estate.

falaise de l'Hortus

The arrival of the LMX 56 speed bike within the vineyard

To continue preserving the natural environment of the vineyard, the Orliac family explored alternatives to cars for executing daily tasks.

It was at this moment that François heard about LMX Bikes and its high-performance speed bikes. Consequently, two LMX 56 bikes joined the farm in 2023.

“With this ebike, it becomes a moment of pleasure.”

In the vast territory of l’Hortus, spread over 80 hectares of vineyards and 215 hectares of woods, the LMX 56 has proven to be a true utility vehicle.

Moving to open an irrigation valve in a distant plot, monitoring the condition of the vines, going back to take a tool… These are all operational tasks that are now carried out on the speed bike. No need to take out the car anymore; the LMX 56 emerges as the ideal solution for saving time.

It also offers a more playful and sporty approach to conveyance. Using a speed pedelec provides a sense of freedom and adventure, far from the routine of driving a car.

Domaine de l'hortus

Transcription of the interview

Hello, my name is François Orliac, I am one of the members of the family that owns the Hortus estate. We are about fifteen kilometers north of Montpellier, in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

Our activity: we operate a vineyard on about a hundred hectares, amidst this landscape, between the Hortus cliff and the Pic Saint-Loup.

All our vineyards are on this site, and we also operate 215 hectares of woods. 

My relationship with LMX: it’s Nicolas Wertans who said to me: ‘You always move around by car, it makes a dreadful noise, you don’t enjoy it…’ and he was absolutely right! And he introduced me to his ebike. 

So this bike, it’s absolutely fantastic. Since then, indeed, I no longer take the car, and especially I’ve transformed something tedious, which was in the evening after work, after the administrative office, etc. I had to go to the estate, check, to know where the teams were at, turn 4 valves concerning irrigation. 

So, I also did that on weekends and it’s true that it was painful because I always had to leave home, go to the estate, take a car. It was noisy, it was hell.

Thanks to this bike, it becomes a moment of pleasure. It’s absolutely wonderful.

The LMX 56 speed bike as a true utility vehicle

The LMX 56 is not just a fun vehicle; it can also serve as an efficient means of conveyance, thus playing a role as a utility vehicle for daily activities.

At the Domaine de l’Hortus, it’s the speed of movement, agility, and autonomy that convinced us.

Equipped with a luggage rack and storage bags, there’s no need to carry a backpack anymore: equipment can be directly placed at the back of the speed bike.

Its side stand allows for stabilizing it anywhere for quick interventions.

Its maneuverability allows for easy navigation between rows of vines, while its discreet nature helps preserve the tranquility of the vineyard.

You have a similar use as François Orliac?

The LMX 56 adapts to your needs thanks to its high level of customization.

To learn more about the Domaine de l’Hortus :