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LMX responses to complex procurement

LMX Bikes, along with the entire two-wheeler industry, is going through a complex period that is spreading globally. The health crisis that we have all known for several months has serious repercussions on trade between countries and industries.

Our international suppliers indicate delays and delivery times that have never been seen before, which therefore have a direct impact on our own delivery times.

These delays are due to the combination of the effects of the health crisis and the good performance of the two-wheeler and bicycle market.

Today we are therefore reviewing the current situation of our supplies, and the measures taken by LMX to best compensate for the consequences on our deliveries in the short and medium term.



Regarding aluminum, to date we have no visibility with our suppliers as to the next availability. Big shortages are also announced over the coming months.


The delivery, which was initially scheduled to arrive in June, was delayed due to major material supply problems.


The main supplier did not meet the announced deadlines, with an initial delivery scheduled for February 2021, which was postponed to the end of July 2021. The current deadlines for future orders are estimated at more than 600 days for all suspension suppliers.

18650 CELLS

Heavy line saturations have been announced at Panasonic and Samsung. The announced deadlines are currently over one year.


A shortage was announced by our supplier on raw materials.


In order to respond to these various issues, we quickly took measures to meet the deadlines of our own deliveries as well as possible, announced to our customers.


We have started production of LMX 64 frames in advance at our workshop since December 2020. To date, all frames sold have been produced.


Two orders were placed with two different suppliers after a technical and quality validation phase, so as not to be penalized by potential delays in delivery.


We have decided to place our orders in aftermarket to compensate for supplier delivery delays and to meet our own deadlines as best as possible, without passing on this price difference on our customers' orders.


Orders from our suppliers were validated at the start of the year, which has assured us until today of stock on the cells, despite the shortages announced.


We have placed two orders with two different suppliers, to avoid production bottlenecks. Expensive homologation tests were set up to validate a second brake model on the homologated version of the LMX 64, without the assurance of receiving these brakes quickly.


All critical supplies are currently in transit by air to save time on delays from our suppliers, despite the additional cost that this represents.


We repatriate our supplies as much as possible to a panel of European suppliers in order to limit the impact of international crises on our business. This measure is part of LMX's long-term vision and its implementation began well before the onset of the current crisis.

In addition to measures on parts and raw materials, we have frozen the signing of new reseller contracts to ensure parts support and availability with the existing network.

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Our priority is therefore placed on our current resellers and customers. The entire LMX team thanks you for your high fidelity and for the confidence you have shown over the years.

Know that we give our best every day to honor our commitments and ensure that tomorrow, we will continue to cooperate hand in hand with you, with the same passion that has driven us from the very beginning.

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