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Buy a Speed Bike: Everything You Need to Know About the French Government bonus

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Speed bikes are electric vehicles eligible for purchase subsidies.

Are you eager to acquire a 45 km/h speed bike? What government subsidies are available?

In this article, we explain how state aids work for the purchase of a speed bike.

What is a Speed Bike?

A speed bike is an electrically assisted vehicle capable of reaching speeds higher than traditional electric bikes. Electric bikes are limited to 25 km/h of assistance, while speed bikes can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h.

In terms of the nominal power of the motor, electric bikes are limited to 250W, whereas speed bikes are allowed to exceed this limit and can reach up to 2000W.

Legally, a speed bike is classified as a 50cc moped in Europe. Its power and top speed place it in the L1e-B category.

Due to its classification, the use of a speed bike is not permitted on bike paths, and wearing an approved helmet is mandatory.

Aide velo électrique

These ebikes are loved by offroad enthusiasts for their thrill-seeking capabilities. But they also serve as ideal partners for urban and suburban commuting during the week.

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Speed Bike purchase: What Assistance Can You Benefit From?

Let’s take the example of the LMX 56H.

The LMX 56 has a motor power of 2.5 kW and a battery capacity of 1000 Wh. Therefore, you should go to the 50cc moped category.

The homologated version falls into the “Power of 2 kilowatts or more” category (EU Regulation 168/2013).

French government’s assistance for the purchase of an approved LMX 56 is therefore €250.

The amount of this assistance may vary, but it is renewed by the government from year to year.

You may also be eligible for assistance based on your region, department, and city of residence. Inquire with your local authority for more information on the offered grants.

Speed Bike purchase: What are the Conditions to Benefit from the bonus?

aide velo électrique

To be eligible for this government assistance, you must respect several conditions when purchasing your speed bike:

  • Be of legal age and reside in France.
  • Use electricity as the energy source.
  • Not use a lead-acid battery.
  • Purchase a new vehicle.
  • Purchase a vehicle registered in France in a definitive series.
  • Not sell the vehicle during the first year of registration.

The application for assistance must be submitted no later than 6 months from the invoicing date of your speed bike.

LMX 56H: Why Choose This Speed Bike?

The LMX 56 is a powerful speedbike capable of reaching a speed of 45 km/h, unlike the 25 km/h limit of conventional electric bikes.

In addition to having pedal assistance, the LMX 56 features a throttle. This unique dual-assistance system allows you to surpass yourself during your rides and overcome all obstacles. It enables you to cover longer distances and at a higher speed than a conventional e bike.

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One of the greatest assets of this ultra bike is its versatility.

It is the ideal partner for your sporty and off-road outings on weekends, but it can also accompany you in your daily commutes in the city.

aide vélo electrique
Aide velo electrique

The LMX 56 is a street legal vehicle, authorized to operate in urban areas and on public roads. Since its introduction to the market, the LMX 56 is available in both homologated and non-homologated (offroad) versions.

The homologated version allows legal use on public roads in Europe.

To obtain this certification, the LMX 56 meets specific criteria, particularly in terms of safety and performance. It is equipped with a license plate and plate holder, front and rear lights, reflectors, a left mirror, a horn, and a stand.

Upon delivery, we provide you with its European conformity certificate. This document confirms that your ultra bike complies with current standards.

Finally, it is the owner’s responsibility to complete the necessary procedures to obtain a registration certificate, subscribe to insurance, and apply for government assistance.

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