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LMX Bikes : Retrospective of the year

restrospective of the 2023 year

2024, here we come!

This new year is an opportunity to look back on the one that has just passed, rich in challenges and achievements. We are excited to share the 2023 LMX recap with you.

Dive with us into the highlights that shaped our adventure during this exceptional year.


1st episode of LMX Inside

A new format arrived at the start of the year!

In these videos, Adam and Zoé share the brand’s news with you, the new products, answer all your questions and share your videos and photos in LMX.


Salon du 2 Roues and podium

An annual meeting place for bikers, the Salon du 2 Roues de Lyon was once again a real success this year.

In addition to the models exhibited in the Mobility Hall, our two motorcycle riders took part in the RFX MX Indoor organized on site, and they performed well.

A victory for Loïc and Michael who managed to defend the podium in the last two rounds. An excellent start to the season for our pilots!


FIM Ex-bike cross world cup

In its first race, the LMX 56 displayed extremely positive results in competition conditions, achieving no less than three podiums.

Faster on the circuit than the LMX 64 in the EX3 category (accelerator and pedals), it demonstrated superior consistency during the heats in terms of battery and engine heat management.

Thanks to Loïc for his exceptional riding.


Homologation validated for the LMX 56

The road approval of the LMX 56 was one of the major milestones of this year.

2000W of continuous power over 30 minutes, 41 km of autonomy on the approval cycle without pedaling (mode 3 and throttle), more than positive results!

This is the 3rd model that LMX has approved for use on public roads in Europe (L1e-B category).


Versatility and public uses

In 2021, we delivered 9 LMX 161s to the DFEN of department 13 (Natural Parks Office).

In 2023, we will continue to develop our range of light vehicles for public service missions in the broad sense.

The LMX 56 is also entering the game thanks to the development of turnkey and specific equipment.


Our customers are exceptional

We had the privilege of delivering a great athlete and a true legend of motor racing this summer.

Our customers are exceptional and it is with pleasure that we follow your LMX adventures, via photos and videos of your outings.

Don’t hesitate to share them with us in 2024!


LMX 56 : two new unique designs

Since August, the LMX 56 has been available in 2 colors to choose from,

Copper Green and Oyster White. These designs were developed mid-year to create a unique and complementary visual range.

Could you find the elements common to both colors?


The 3D configurator is now available

For several months, we worked on the development of our new configuration tool.

Thanks to it, you can now personalize your LMX 56 online, from the chassis to the accessories, going from 2D to 3D in one click.


LMX at the Enduro Mag Days

We participated for the first time in the Enduro Mag Days, organized by Enduro Mag magazine in Issoire, France.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to discover LMX and the models present on site.

A magnificent place, a good program, passionate people, we approve!


The LMX team is growing

This year, 5 new people joined the LMX team to support the company’s growth and actively contribute to the realization of new projects.

Today, the team has 14 people, and we are always looking for new talents


Discover the LMX team in video

This mini-series available on our social networks introduces you to the different professions within the LMX team.

From design to production, including the sales and marketing team, discover the videos right here (the following ones will arrive every Wednesday).


Welcome to the United States and Canada

At the end of the year, a fleet of LMXs began their journey to the United States and Canada destined for our local importer.

This approach required a reorganization of our production and storage processes, as well as updating our certifications and insurance contracts.

We look forward to continuing the adventure in 2024.


LMX tested by french army

LMX is participating in electric mobility trials within the French armed forces with the LMX 56 and LMX 161 models.

These experiments organized by BattleLabTerre aim to develop their equipment and operational materials. On the LMX side, our

objective is to provide mobility solutions adapted to the operational needs of public service players in the broad sense. 



The Success Stories are coming on Youtube

Success Stories. This new series immerses you in the heart of the LMX universe through the testimonies of enthusiasts.

In this first video, Loïc Veyrac shares his connection with two-wheelers, his experience as an LMX rider, his participation in motorcycle/e-bike competitions, as well as the integration of the LMX 56 into his new store in Aurec-sur-Loire.

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LCV Cycles : from competition to selling LMX speed bikes

LCV Cycles : From Competition to Become a LMX dealer

In this article

At the end of 2023, the LMX team visited Loïc Veyrac in Haute-Loire, at his store LCV Cycles.

Loïc has been familiar with LMX Bikes for several years. Initially a rider in one of our photoshoot, he later competed for the brand in the LX Cup and FIM Ex-bike World Cup. In 2023, he realized a significant project: opening his own bike store and offering the LMX 56 for sale.

The interview is available on our YouTube channel (link below).

This video marks the first episode of a new series: the Success Stories. This format takes you into the heart of the LMX universe, introducing enthusiasts who bring the brand to life through their exceptional adventures.

In this interview, Loïc reflects on his relationship with two-wheelers, his experience as an LMX rider in motorcycle and e-bike competitions, and the opening of his LCV Cycles shop in Aurec-sur-Loire.

Motorcycle and bicycle : A passion growing Since a Young age

Loïc Veyrac is a passionate soul. Originally from Haute-Loire, he started pedaling at the age of 2. A year later, he climbed onto a motorcycle for the first time. This passion for two-wheelers is a family affair, as his parents are also fervent enthusiasts. Every evening after school, he would practice on the motorcycle/bicycle track built by his parents.

A few years later, he joined a trial bike club. Around the age of 10, he participated in his first competition. Trial biking is a sport where the bike and its rider become one. The bikes are very lightweight and do not have a saddle. In this discipline, the cyclist must overcome obstacles without touching the ground, requiring skill, balance, and technique.

Loïc entered trial biking competitions to assess his own skill level. And he got hooked. Competing allowed him to progress further, providing valuable experience in his trial biking practice.

Loïc discovered the world of motorcycles through his parents, who immersed him in this universe from a very young age. Alongside his passion for trial biking, he also engaged in motocross with friends and family. It wasn’t until around the age of 17 that he truly entered motorcycle competitions. What attracted Loïc the most were the extreme motocross competitions (Alestrem), focused on trail riding: steep climbs, dizzying descents, technical sections, and natural obstacles.

He started winning numerous prizes in various competitions. These prizes motivated him to continue and excel in his practice.

LCV Cycles : opening his own shop in Haute-Loire, France

The idea of opening a bike shop began taking shape in Loïc’s mind two years ago. Due to the Covid pandemic, he had to delay his project. In 2023, an opportunity to secure a space arises, and he decides to embark on the adventure.

He chooses to set up in his hometown, where his passion has grown: Aurec-sur-Loire. This location choice also addresses a local need, as the area lacked bike stores.

After several months of construction, Loïc officially opens his shop in early June.

Located just 20 minutes from Saint-Étienne in France, LCV Cycles offers the sale of new and used bikes, accessories, repairs, and electric bike rentals. The store provides a wide range of bikes : road, gravel, off-road, speedbikes, children’s bikes, electric bikes, traditional bikes, and more. This diversity allows LCV Cycles to make its products accessible to a wide range of enthusiasts.

His connection with LMX Bikes : from rider to dealer

It’s been almost 4 years since Loïc discovered LMX Bikes.

The meet took place during a photoshoot for the LMX 64. The team was looking for a rider and contacted Loïc thanks to his experience and background.

The photoshoot took place at La Jasserie (Parc du Pilat in France). It was the perfect opportunity for Loïc to experience the sensations and performance of the LMX 64 for the first time. The dual-assist system (throttle and pedaling), dual transmission, and the power of the LMX 64 were a real revelation.

Testing the LMX 64 in real conditions, in a wild terrain, is what appeals to Loïc. He rediscovers the sensations of both biking and motorcycling, all on a lightweight and maneuverable vehicle.

In 2022, he becomes an LMX rider in the LX Tour championship, the first French event for 100% electric motorcycles. Loïc then rides the LMX 161 MXR, LMX’s ultra-light electric motorcycle.

This competition allows the team to improve the product based on Loïc’s feedback throughout the championship stages. For our rider, it’s also an opportunity to explore the MXR :

“A lightweight motorcycle that might look like a bicycle but is still a motorcycle… I discovered even more about LMX.”

In 2023, Loïc trades the powerful and lightweight LMX 161 MXR for the brand’s new speedbike model : the LMX 56. He participates in the Ex-Bike World Cup organized by the FIM (Motorcycling International Federation) and discovers this new platform, even more adaptable and entertaining. Similar to the LX Tour, this competition is an opportunity to advance the ultra bike, which evolves in extreme and challenging riding conditions.

This experience enables Loïc to take part in competitions abroad, particularly in Belgium, Germany, and Italy. It’s also a chance for him to explore new terrains, meet new competitors, and observe the range of models in the race.

“E-bikes are brand new, and they are making their way into competitions, especially at the global level. It’s really cool to be able to introduce the product and, at the same time, promote the sport. It’s truly enjoyable!”

“Ridding with LMX made me want to sell it!”

Based on this experience, Loïc decides to include the LMX 56 in the product range of his store, LCV Cycles, and so become an authorized LMX dealer in Haute-Loire. This region is indeed conducive to off-road use, bringing joy to mountain biking and enduro enthusiasts for years. “It’s the perfect bike around here!” testifies Loïc.

You can find his full interview on YouTube.

Find LCV Cycles on social media :

Facebook: @LCV-Cycles
Instagram: @lcv.cycles
Address: 10 Av. de Firminy, 43110 Aurec-sur-Loire, FRANCE

Contact: +33 6 32 33 41 97