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LMX 56 App : Everything you need to know about LMX connectivity

GPS electric bike application LMX 56

LMX 56 App: Everything you need to know about LMX Connectivity

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The benefits of the LMX 56 app

Innovation is at the heart of LMX’s challenges. Offering unique and high-performance two-wheelers is part of our DNA. Our team is involved daily in the development of leading-edge new technologies.

During the design of the LMX 56, we decided to focus on the connectivity of this new model. A dedicated LMX 56 app was developed in partnership with GPS Tuner.

Customize your assistance modes, turn your smartphone into a dashboard navigator, discover new trails…

Get ready to explore new horizons with your LMX 56 and Navie app.

Features that expand the possibilities

The Navie app offers various features :

  • Dashboard : Access all your real-time riding data, including actual speed, battery level, distance traveled, and more.
  • Motor Tuning : Customize your 3 motor assistance modes, including power level, speed, torque, the presence of the throttle, and more.
  • Route Planner : Discover new tracks and share your best rides with your friends.
  • A system that adapts to you : The app adjusts based on your personal data (weight, height, gender) and your configuration preferences, chosen mode, and driving conditions.
  • Updates : Enjoy new features and download system updates provided by LMX over the months.
L'application velo electrique Navie permet de transformer votre smartphone en véritable tableau de bord directement sur votre guidon.

Go to the How to Use Your App and Its Features section to explore all the functionalities.

Installation / Launching of your Navie app

To obtain the Navie app for your LMX 56, simply download it from the Play Store for Android or the Apple Store for iOS. The app is free.

In order to take full advantage of the Navie, we will explain how to use it.

During your first use:

  • Create a personal account.
  • Enable Bluetooth in your smartphone’s settings.
  • Press CONNECT to link your LMX to the app.
  • The name of your LMX will then appear on the screen.

The application operates entirely via Bluetooth with your LMX.

How to use your app and its features

Ergonomic Dashboard

The dashboard provides you with a simple and quick overview of your real-time driving data. It has been designed to be efficient while remaining user-friendly.

You no longer need a separate display, your phone becomes your screen.

You can instantly view the selected mode, your battery’s remaining range, your actual speed, altitude, and distance traveled.

Changing modes can be done directly on the dashboard using the two arrows. You can also use the Smart LED on your LMX’s handlebars to switch between modes.

For the street-legal version of the LMX 56, you can control your front headlight through the app. This option allows you to adjust your lighting quickly.

Tableau de bord de l'application velo electrique LMX 56

Motor Tuning : 100% Customize your modes

Thanks to the Motor turning tab, you can customize your three assistance modes according to your use and environment.

A wide range of customization options is available for the three modes : power level, maximum speed, torque level, and acceleration level.

Choose the assistance mode that best suits your practice, whether in urban conditions, for enduro, or even in competition.

GPS and Route Planner

The Riding tab provides you access to a GPS map and its various tools.

An operational perimeter is visible directly on the map, represented by a purple area on your screen, in real-time.

This purple area represents the playable terrain based on the battery level of your LMX 56. With this map, you can ride with peace of mind, without worrying about your range.

Once on the map, you can directly trace the route you desire with your finger. Thanks to its precise GPS tracking, the app can suggest a reliable trail based on your tracing. Simply press GO to start!

GPS application velo electrique LMX 56

The app can displaying the course profile and the distance to be covered. It serves as a real GPS, directly through your smartphone. This feature allows you to easily venture off the beaten path and create new routes on each outing.

To access the PLAN tab, you need to download a map. Once downloaded, access to routes is possible even offline. This is convenient for enjoying your LMX, even in the most remote areas.

If you want to use your LMX 56 in the city for quick transportation, you can directly search for an address by clicking on the magnifying glass. You will then only need to follow the path recommended by your smartphone.

Your history at your fingertips

  • SAVE Tab

You can access your ride history through the SAVE tab and compare your performance over your outings. Set your goals and track your progress over time.

  • IMPORT Tab

Import your own routes to ride wherever you want using the IMPORT tab.

An application that adapts to your profile

The ACCOUNT tab allows you to create and modify your profile by providing:

  • Your weight
  • Your height
  • Your birth date
  • Your gender

We strongly recommend adding this information to your app. It will enable optimization of the battery and overall performance of your machine.


Updates are available and can be downloaded directly via your smartphone. They enable you to enjoy new features and enhance your experience over the months.

Elevate your performance and your speedbike’s technology simultaneously!

In summary,

Navie looks more like an integral component of your LMX 56 than just a GPS application. It’s an integral part of the LMX experience. It simplifies navigation, offers real-time performance tracking, allows for electric assistance customization, and facilitates the sharing of your adventures.

With this tool, your speedbike adapts to your use and the place you’re riding. The LMX 56 and the Navie app form an unbeatable combo for an exceptional off-road experience.

Download it now and get ready for epic adventures with your speed bike!

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Focus on … the dangers of unlocking pedelecs

Focus on ... the dangers of unlocking pedelecs

Since Electrically Assisted Bicycles (eBikes) have become available in the market, many consumers are tempted to unleash them for access to more power and greater speed. Indeed, VAE are considered cycles as long as the assistance does not exceed 25 km/h and 250W of power.

However, the 25 km/h being quickly reached and sometimes even without the help of the assistance, some users no longer find their account in these bikes and their capacity of assistance limited. This is where the urge to go wild can arise.

An increasing risk of legal sanctions

The penalties that apply to unbridled eBikes used on public roads are heavy, because riding an eBike that does not meet certain technical requirements is equivalent to riding an unapproved moped. In the eyes of the law, a moped must be declared with a gray card, registered with a plate and insured. Fines can go up to € 1,500 for driving without insurance.

As the pedelec market has been booming for several years, the authorities are increasingly faced with unbridled bicycles and are therefore increasingly alert on this subject.

Numerous technical constraints

In addition to legal risks, jailbreaking exposes users of pedelecs to great dangers in terms of security and warranty. The vehicle may experience engine overheating and therefore a drop in performance, as its level of use is beyond its rated capabilities.

In addition, a modified engine is no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty, who is no longer responsible for the safety or performance of the engine. Some engine manufacturers even use complete engine blocking systems if a choke system is detected.

Finally, the braking performance of the eBike can be impaired, in addition to the premature wear of certain parts, which increases the risk of accidents for the user. And beware, insurance does not cover an accident with a modified vehicle! This implies, in the event of a serious accident, the medical and legal costs payable by the user of an unbridled eBike …

Outings without constraints with your approved LMX

From the start, one of LMX’s missions was to offer approved AND powerful vehicles, in response to the limitations present on conventional pedelecs.

Since 2020, your LMX 161 and LMX 64 have both been approved for 50cc mopeds (L1e-B), with assistance allowing you to reach 45 km/h. No need to search anymore, great sensations are available to you, without constraints !

The strengths of homologation

Riding with an approved vehicle and taking the paths authorized for it is the guarantee of respecting the rules in force and therefore of driving without constraints, enjoying 100% of the present moment. And with your insurance, it is also the serenity of being assured in the event of an accident.

It is also the guarantee of driving a vehicle adapted to the speed and power required, without the risk of premature wear of parts. Finally, approved vehicles are eligible for government purchasing aid, which is always financially welcome. In fact, you have to justify a registration certificate and an approval certificate to be eligible.

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Focus on … the patented LMX double transmission

Focus on ... the patented LMX double transmission

Innovation at the heart of LMX technology

All your LMX 64s are equipped with a unique technology on the market, patented and validated by LMX since 2017 : a double freewheel transmission at the rear wheel.

We explain everything to you today, in this zoom dedicated to this very special technology. First of all, this dual transmission is part of one of the unique characteristics of your LMX 64, which in itself is a small concentrate of technology.

Discover just here our article on the double assist that we published recently, to become unbeatable on the LMX 64 !

How does this double transmission work ?

To begin with, it is necessary to define what a double transmission means. As the name suggests, a transmission is a technology whose purpose is to transmit the power of pedaling.

On your LMX 64, the transmission is made up of a hub, a cassette, 2 freewheels and … two independent transmissions ! A chain for pedaling and a chain for the motor. The chain on the pedaling side can even be a transmission belt, this is an evolution that we have been offering you for a few months.

If you want to know more about the difference between chain and drive belt, click the button below to read our article about it.

The advantages of dual transmission

To understand the purpose of this transmission, one must first know the context. The LMX 64 are speed bikes approved to go up to 45 km / h, with 2000 W continuous motors, and up to 2500 W peak.

In off-road use, the power delivered by the engine and the stresses applied to the transmission can cause a risk of chain breakage, and premature wear of the cassette if a conventional transmission is used. LMX therefore imagined an innovative double freewheel transmission provided by two independent chains.

The advantages of this transmission are numerous :

  • The use of two independent chains prevents wear and therefore the potential breakage of the pedaling chain.
  • There is total independence between bicycle modes and motorized modes.
  • Regardless of the pedaling gear engaged, the maximum engine torque is reached. Indeed, on classic e-bikes, the torque depends on the engaged pedaling ratio, which is not the case on LMXs because they are completely independent.

Maintaining your transmission 

Here are some tips on how to best maintain the transmission of your LMX. First, you need to wash your transmission after every messy ride. Then comes the lubrication.

You must absolutely turn to specific greases so as not to deteriorate the equipment with foreign residues.

So use a “dry” and non-sticky product such as Muc-Off Nano Tech (Motorcycle Cleaner) or Muc-Off Dry Chain Lube (Motorcycle). A first cleaning phase can be carried out using a penetrating product such as WD40.

Care should be taken not to get any on the discs as there is a risk of contamination of the pads. Once this is done, the chain should be wiped with a cloth.

The places to lubricate regularly on your vehicle are as follows :

  • Chain tensioner
  • The derailleur rollers
  • The two chains

Warning: a belt transmission does not lubricate !

The frequency of lubrication therefore depends on the type of terrain on which you are riding and the conditions of use. For all the information on the routine maintenance of your LMX, do not hesitate to consult our article on the subject.

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Focus on… double LMX assistance

LMX Speed Bikes

Focus on... double LMX assistance
Innovation at the service of versatility

LMX Speed Bikes

A desire for innovation and an assumed bias

Why a dual assistance ?

First of all, why talk about dual assistance ?

Unlike conventional VAEs which only have one electrical assistance via a torque or cadence sensor, the LMX 64s offer a second assistance: an accelerator on the handlebars. Like on a motorcycle !

Over the modes, the two assistances can be independent and combine according to what suits them best. This dual assistance is a technology at the heart of the LMX philosophy. Indeed, one of our missions is to place innovation at the service of versatility and sporting pleasure. Electric assistance is not a “lazy” or “pseudo-sports” solution, no ! It’s a real way to surpass yourself and have fun in a different way.

With the ultra-versatile LMX 64, there’s something for everyone:

  • For those who love cycling but want to surpass themselves in terms of sensations.
  • For those who come from the enduro and who want a light vehicle, easy to handle and without constraints, while rediscovering the sensations of the motorcycle.
  • For those who are passionate about innovation and design.

A unique innovation on the market

A bike approved for 45 km/h with an accelerator handle on the handlebars and a torque sensor ? Designed and manufactured in France by freeride two-wheeler enthusiasts ?

You only find this at LMX Bikes !

This is a unique innovation of which we are proud and which is as close to our hearts as our double transmission. The LMX 64 proves to be a true concentrate of technology.

Speed Bikes

The pedaling torque sensor

How it works ?

This first electric assistance is the one you will most commonly find on classic VAEs. This is a sensor located at the level of the pedals which will determine the speed of rotation of the pedals as well as the torque provided by the pilot.

The assistance power is then proportional to the effort you put into pedaling and to the assistance mode chosen on the LMX, for an extremely natural and responsive feeling. Of the 5 modes available on the LMX, the torque sensor is active on the first 4 modes.

In mode 1, 2 and 3, you only have access to this assistance mode. It is he who will help you overcome all obstacles by increasing your physical effort.
From mode 4, the accelerator on the handlebars becomes active, in addition to the sensor which is always present. This is the most versatile and fun mode !

Speed Bikes Nicolas

The accelerator on the handlebars

How it works ?

The throttle on the handlebars is the second assistance system of the LMX 64. This is where the added value of the vehicle lies. It is a rotating handle located at the handlebars which serves as an accelerator, just like on a moped or a motorcycle !

The power delivered is then proportional to the user setpoint and to the assistance mode chosen on the LMX. Just turn the handle for an immediate response and enjoy the full power of your vehicle, without having to pedal.

This accelerator is available on modes 4 and 5 of the LMX, to make you benefit from all the power of the engine!

During enduro and all-terrain outings, the accelerator on the handlebars allows you to step on the gas at any time to overcome an obstacle or go back uphill even in situations where you cannot pedal. A real stroke of genius for all enduro fans who want to rediscover the sensations of motorcycling while pedaling on a sporty vehicle with a real power reserve.

Guide to LMX Modes and Assist Levels

Vélo rapide modes