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What size of wheel for my practice ? Explanations and advice

What size of wheel for my practice ? Explanations and advice

Like any pilot, you have maybe already asked yourself these questions :

What are the most common wheel sizes ? What are their characteristics ? Which wheel size should I choose ? Which LMX configuration is best for my practice ?

We have answered all of your wheel questions in this article to help you find the LMX that’s right for you !

Motocross électrique adulte LMX 161

1. The most common MTB wheel sizes : 27.5" and 29"

Let’s start with the basics : Wheel sizes are expressed in inches as a unit of measurement. Historically, ATVs were equipped with 26″ wheels.

There were not really any other sizes of wheels suitable for individual practices. It was cross country that brought the 29” wheels to the market to provide better grip on the ground.

The 27.5″ wheels then appeared to offer greater versatility and to offer a compromise between 26″ and 29″.

2. Advantages of 27.5'" and 29" wheels

27.5'' WHEELS

More manageable

As the 27.5’’ wheels are smaller, they provide more handling and agility, which makes the ride more straightforward and precise.

Smaller people are more comfortable with these kinds of wheels because they have less difficulty turning in narrow passages.


The 27.5″ wheels are logically lighter than larger wheels even though the weight difference decreases.

More acceleration

The 27.5″ wheels provide greater acceleration than larger wheels. Indeed, it is necessary to give more pedal strokes to train the wheels, but it is easier to gain speed thanks to less inertia.

More versatile for less effort

If you practice on all terrains and are looking for versatility, prefer a 27.5″ wheel. Plus, it takes less effort to move forward than a 29″ wheel, especially on unobstructed terrain.


Fewer pedal turns

As seen with the 27.5” wheels, the smaller the wheels, the more pedal turns must be provided. Conversely, with a larger 29” wheel, you cover more distance with the same number of pedal revolutions. On the other hand, the acceleration is less important.

Optimized ground grip

Since the contact patch is higher on a larger wheel, it is best to go 29″ if you are riding on rough terrain. The angle of attack is different, it is weaker and lower, so it will allow you to overcome obstacles more easily.

More flexible and comfortable

As the wheel sizes are larger, the vehicle is smoother, more comfortable, but less responsive when cornering. Your two-wheeler is then more stable.

More yield

Riding with 29” wheels reduces friction on the ground, and therefore offers more performance. Driving performance is therefore optimized.

3. Which LMX configuration best suits my practice ?

The three existing LMX platforms each have their own specificities in terms of wheel mounting.

Let’s go back to their different equipment to determine which one is best suited to your practice.

LMX 64

Enduro-style equipment

The LMX 64’s front and rear wheels are 27.5″, which corresponds to an enduro-style setup.

A true all-rounder, the LMX 64 adapts to all sizes of riders and can go on all terrains.

Comfortable downhill and uphill, you can overcome all obstacles thanks to the accelerator on the handlebars.

Rear wheel

Rim 30 mm x 27.5''

Front wheel

Rim 30 mm x 27.5''

LMX 161

Motocross-style equipment

The 26″ front and 19″ rear wheels are a cross-country setup for our ultralight electric motorcycle.

Indeed, having a larger wheel at the front makes it easier to overcome obstacles.

Rear wheel

Rim 1.4 x 19''

Front wheel

Rim 2.50 x 26''

LMX 56

Trial-type equipment

The 29″ front and 27.5″ rear wheels are a typical trial setup. Indeed, having a bigger wheel at the front will make it easier to pass obstacles and have better stability during technical passages.

If you hesitate between the LMX 64 and the LMX 56, it is at the level of your practice that you will have to turn to make your decision.

Rear wheel


Front wheel


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A look back at a Roc d’Azur rich in revelations

A look back at a Roc d'Azur rich in revelations

We had the pleasure of participating in the famous Roc d’Azur during its 38th edition in Fréjus, which took place from October 7 to 10.

Discover in this article what made this event an exceptional and rich moment in revelations on the LMX booth.


Throughout these 4 days, we met dozens of two-wheeler enthusiasts, all curious to discover our two models and our Made In Isère know-how.

Nothing has escaped them, neither the patented double transmission of the LMX 64, nor the astonishing lightness of the LMX 161.

We took great pleasure in interacting with the visitors who passed by our stand, some being regulars and others completely discovering the brand.

You were at the Roc d'Azur and came by our stand ? Share your experience here !


We had the chance to participate in this Roc d’Azur accompanied by our dealer from Mandelieu-la-Napoule : Frédéric from the Team FB dealership.

The perfect opportunity for local visitors to meet the LMX contact in their region !

Thanks to the 7 LMXs on our stand, you were able to carry out dozens of tests and trials throughout these 4 days.


Saturday was a very colorful day for LMX. It has been several days now since we were listening to you about an announcement we were going to make at our booth.

And many of you guessed what it was all about before the final reveal !

On Saturday at 11 a.m., the prototype of our next model was presented to the public for the first time: the LMX 56.

The entire LMX team says a big thank you to everyone at our booth for sharing this magical moment with us. For those who were not present at the event, a live was organized during the launch to involve as many people as possible.

Relive the revelation to the audience at home and discover the answers to the very first questions asked about the live right here :


The LMX 56 is not just a new version of the LMX 64, it is a real revolution from LMX, one of a kind.

The year 2021 was an opportunity to rework on our existing technologies while at the same time creating an innovative and never-before-seen concept bike.

Between a state-of-the-art chassis incorporating an even more powerful battery, a new engine developed in-house, an optimized rear hub, and trial-type equipment, the LMX 56 appears like a real trial motorcycle disguised as an electric two-wheeler with pedals !

Discover the LMX which will revolutionize your year 2022 in terms of driving and pleasure.


This concept bike has therefore been available for pre-order since last Saturday on our site, for deliveries scheduled for summer 2022.

Book yours now, to embark on the adventure and let yourself be surprised by the most integrated LMX in the range !

We will communicate the end of the year on this new platform, its future equipment and its final characteristics.

We can’t wait to tell you more soon, so stay tuned !