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The LMX 161 MX evolves and becomes the LMX 161 MXR !

The LMX 161 MX evolves and becomes the LMX 161 MXR !

On the LMX side, up to now we have offered the LMX 161H, our 45 km/h road-approved motorcycle, and the LMX 161 MX, our non-approved offroad version including all off-road equipment.

We have been working on improving this second version for a few months.

And that’s it, we officially communicate on the replacement of the LMX 161 MX : the LMX 161 MXR ! With an R for Racing, this new version breaks all records in terms of performance in LMX vehicles.



The LMX 161 MXR is not approved for the road and can therefore use all its engine capacities, without restraint.So it's not at 45 km/h like on the LMX 161H, but at 70 km/h that you can drive on private roads !


To match with the Suntour RUX fork and give this version a racing look, the fairings of the LMX 161 MXR machined in our workshop are white. A real differentiator in our range !


Thanks to the new controller and a higher speed of rotation, the peak power of the motor is multiplied and goes from 6 kW for the LMX 161H to 9 kW for the LMX 161 MXR. A real powerhouse for all your sports outings !


Thanks to the feedback from our customers, we noticed that the original LMX 161 MX had a bit too much “on / off” response in the field and that the switching between the two modes was not smooth enough.The old controller was then replaced by the one present on the LMX 64. The latter being more advanced, the power in the technique is then much better exploited during your outings.


FORK: SR Suntour RUX double T (38mm diameter and 200mm travel) SHOCK ABSORBER: DNM RCP2 (215 mm travel).BRAKES: Formula Cura 4 with 4 x 18mm front / rear pistons and shorter levers, more aggressive on the ground.Automatic chain tensioner. Its spring mounting really limits the risk of chain derailment.


Two driving modes

The two driving modes are still present on this version, with an ECO mode and a BOOST mode. They offer you real versatility during your outings and real offroad sensations on the ground.

And still so light !

At only 45 kg, it is twice as light as its thermal equivalent. Ideal for all your outings, whether leisure or sports. But you have just seen it, the LMX 161 MXR is nonetheless a true concentrate of power and aggressiveness !


You can now configure your LMX directly on our site and assemble it step by step, to choose THE version that suits you.

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The LMX team is growing and making the presentations !

The LMX team is growing and making the presentations !

For several months, LMX Bikes has been recruiting new employees to strengthen its team of enthusiasts and adapt to its new growth.

This strong internal development is an integral part of our news, which is why we would like to present the entire LMX team to you so you can get to know us better !


Co-founder and current leader of LMX Bikes, Adam has been in charge since the start of the project. An INSA engineer graduate, he is passionate about technology, always placing innovation at the heart of his thinking.

In charge of the management of the company, design and product development, he also supervises the manufacture and assembly of LMXs until their commercialization.

Adam is a real Swiss Army knife, guided by a passion for the profession and the search for excellence.


Newly arrived at LMX, Hervé joined the team to take care of business development and customer relations. If you call, chances are you’ll have it online. Passionate about mountain biking and running, he will be able to answer your technical questions with pleasure and guide you throughout your sporting project.

Hervé also takes care of the relationship with the network of our various resellers, but may also be required to lend a hand to the workshop for the assembly of LMXs.

In post since August 2020, Zoé is responsible for marketing and communication missions for LMX Bikes. Passionate about and daily sports enthusiast, she is responsible for LMX publications on social networks and the blog, appearances in the press, on events, website management, etc.

She is also co-responsible for customer relations with Hervé and Adam. If you want to talk about press relations or a plan to buy, you are also likely to run into her over the phone.


Workshop manager for a year at LMX now, Thierry takes care of the entire vehicle assembly line. He is also responsible for the heat treatment and control of the frames after the welding stage. It also participates in the production and development of electrical harnesses and cabling. A big fan of physical activity, he strengthens and biking every week.

In his constant search for quality, it is he who comes to test vehicles before final delivery and to ensure their reliability. His expertise and thoroughness are an integral part of the soul of LMX Bikes.

A future graduate of the Arts and Crafts engineer, Côme joined the LMX team this year and is responsible for R&D on the design of new components (optimization of the battery, engine block, etc.), in duo with Gaëtan. His taste for running and triathlon led him to focus on the field of sport over the course of his experiences. Côme is also working on the structuring and optimization of LMX processes, for example with the establishment of a knowledge base and a client meeting platform.

Passionate about mountain biking and great practitioner for almost 12 years with several competitions behind him, Gaëtan has been involved for several weeks in the design (CAD) of components and parts designed and manufactured in-house by LMX, whether it is frames, blocks motors, batteries, etc. He also works on programming the machining of prototypes and on carrying out tests on them in duo with Côme.

Carole joined the team a few months ago and carries out many missions in our workshop: manual manufacture of motorcycle batteries, assembly of LMXs, help in the manufacturing workshop (cutting, bending of aluminum), adjustment and remanufacturing. of certain parts …

After several years of working in a service company, Carole was drawn to LMX products and showed great motivation to work in a company that suits her, innovative and sporty. Actively participating in the realization of LMXs, from the start of manufacturing to the end of assembly, while discovering new techniques every day, are all elements that stimulate her on a daily basis.

Mattis has been on an apprenticeship for almost two years with our team and is working on the very first stages of the LMX manufacturing process : the manual manufacturing of LMX 64 frames.

It is he who comes to trace and bend the aluminum sheets, cut and assemble the tubes to form the frames and prepare them for the welding stage.

After the heat treatment of the latter, Mattis still carries out several finishing operations, such as threading the bottom bracket. Starting from simple aluminum tubes and sheets to create a finished and resistant frame, this is what drives Mattis every day.

We hope you enjoyed this article and that you got to know the LMX team better, through these different portraits.

Each person has their own personality, but the pursuit of excellence and the passion for the profession are all things that bring us all together and that makes what LMX Bikes is today.

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Focus on … the dangers of unlocking pedelecs

Focus on ... the dangers of unlocking pedelecs

Since Electrically Assisted Bicycles (eBikes) have become available in the market, many consumers are tempted to unleash them for access to more power and greater speed. Indeed, VAE are considered cycles as long as the assistance does not exceed 25 km/h and 250W of power.

However, the 25 km/h being quickly reached and sometimes even without the help of the assistance, some users no longer find their account in these bikes and their capacity of assistance limited. This is where the urge to go wild can arise.

An increasing risk of legal sanctions

The penalties that apply to unbridled eBikes used on public roads are heavy, because riding an eBike that does not meet certain technical requirements is equivalent to riding an unapproved moped. In the eyes of the law, a moped must be declared with a gray card, registered with a plate and insured. Fines can go up to € 1,500 for driving without insurance.

As the pedelec market has been booming for several years, the authorities are increasingly faced with unbridled bicycles and are therefore increasingly alert on this subject.

Numerous technical constraints

In addition to legal risks, jailbreaking exposes users of pedelecs to great dangers in terms of security and warranty. The vehicle may experience engine overheating and therefore a drop in performance, as its level of use is beyond its rated capabilities.

In addition, a modified engine is no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty, who is no longer responsible for the safety or performance of the engine. Some engine manufacturers even use complete engine blocking systems if a choke system is detected.

Finally, the braking performance of the eBike can be impaired, in addition to the premature wear of certain parts, which increases the risk of accidents for the user. And beware, insurance does not cover an accident with a modified vehicle! This implies, in the event of a serious accident, the medical and legal costs payable by the user of an unbridled eBike …

Outings without constraints with your approved LMX

From the start, one of LMX’s missions was to offer approved AND powerful vehicles, in response to the limitations present on conventional pedelecs.

Since 2020, your LMX 161 and LMX 64 have both been approved for 50cc mopeds (L1e-B), with assistance allowing you to reach 45 km/h. No need to search anymore, great sensations are available to you, without constraints !

The strengths of homologation

Riding with an approved vehicle and taking the paths authorized for it is the guarantee of respecting the rules in force and therefore of driving without constraints, enjoying 100% of the present moment. And with your insurance, it is also the serenity of being assured in the event of an accident.

It is also the guarantee of driving a vehicle adapted to the speed and power required, without the risk of premature wear of parts. Finally, approved vehicles are eligible for government purchasing aid, which is always financially welcome. In fact, you have to justify a registration certificate and an approval certificate to be eligible.