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Focus on … the dangers of unlocking pedelecs

Focus on ... the dangers of unlocking pedelecs

Since Electrically Assisted Bicycles (eBikes) have become available in the market, many consumers are tempted to unleash them for access to more power and greater speed. Indeed, VAE are considered cycles as long as the assistance does not exceed 25 km/h and 250W of power.

However, the 25 km/h being quickly reached and sometimes even without the help of the assistance, some users no longer find their account in these bikes and their capacity of assistance limited. This is where the urge to go wild can arise.

An increasing risk of legal sanctions

The penalties that apply to unbridled eBikes used on public roads are heavy, because riding an eBike that does not meet certain technical requirements is equivalent to riding an unapproved moped. In the eyes of the law, a moped must be declared with a gray card, registered with a plate and insured. Fines can go up to € 1,500 for driving without insurance.

As the pedelec market has been booming for several years, the authorities are increasingly faced with unbridled bicycles and are therefore increasingly alert on this subject.

Numerous technical constraints

In addition to legal risks, jailbreaking exposes users of pedelecs to great dangers in terms of security and warranty. The vehicle may experience engine overheating and therefore a drop in performance, as its level of use is beyond its rated capabilities.

In addition, a modified engine is no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty, who is no longer responsible for the safety or performance of the engine. Some engine manufacturers even use complete engine blocking systems if a choke system is detected.

Finally, the braking performance of the eBike can be impaired, in addition to the premature wear of certain parts, which increases the risk of accidents for the user. And beware, insurance does not cover an accident with a modified vehicle! This implies, in the event of a serious accident, the medical and legal costs payable by the user of an unbridled eBike …

Outings without constraints with your approved LMX

From the start, one of LMX’s missions was to offer approved AND powerful vehicles, in response to the limitations present on conventional pedelecs.

Since 2020, your LMX 161 and LMX 64 have both been approved for 50cc mopeds (L1e-B), with assistance allowing you to reach 45 km/h. No need to search anymore, great sensations are available to you, without constraints !

The strengths of homologation

Riding with an approved vehicle and taking the paths authorized for it is the guarantee of respecting the rules in force and therefore of driving without constraints, enjoying 100% of the present moment. And with your insurance, it is also the serenity of being assured in the event of an accident.

It is also the guarantee of driving a vehicle adapted to the speed and power required, without the risk of premature wear of parts. Finally, approved vehicles are eligible for government purchasing aid, which is always financially welcome. In fact, you have to justify a registration certificate and an approval certificate to be eligible.

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All about speed bike : advantages and regulations​

Speed bike


Speed bike


But then, what exactly is a speedbike?

The speedbike is an electrically assisted bicycle that is faster and more powerful than traditional eBike. Unlike these last, the speedbike is legally considered a 50 cc moped. Indeed, the assistance of the bike can go up to 45 km/h and is not limited to 25 km/h like a VAE because the power of the motor is no longer limited to 250 W nominal. For example, our road-legal LMX 64H has a rated motor power of 1.5 kW.

Something to have fun !

Why buy a speed bike ? What are the advantages compared to an e-bike ?

Lighter than a scooter or moped

If you take the LMX 64H and its featherweight 30 kg, a speedbike is 3 to 5 times lighter than a classic moped.

The grip is then made easy and accessible to all and its maneuverability allows you to find the sensations of riding and the speed of an enduro mountain bike, but with less effort on the climbs.

Your bike rides are extended in duration and distance !

Accessible to everyone

No need for a driver’s license, just the “Road Safety Certificate” which is accessible from 14 years old.

In addition, the speed bike is easy to transport because it loads quickly on a bike rack (no need for a trailer).

Discreet and quiet for a moped

Absences of engine noise and vibration allow riders to train and focus on lines, improvisation and fun, without disturbing their surroundings.

Say goodbye to noise pollution and carbon emissions !

No more frustration with the 25 km/h limit

Now you can indulge yourself with electric assistance of up to 45 km/h !

On the LMX 64H, the 2.5 kW of peak motor power is a treat.

LMX TIP : The LMX 64 has dual power assist because it has a twist grip on the handlebar! Ideal for making the most of all the power of the bike.

This functionality is made possible by the 45 km/h homologation.

Limited maintenance compared to a scooter

Maintenance is made easy, simple and limited (washing, greasing, and tires). Indeed, it is similar to that of a classic eBike. Operating costs are therefore reduced. Long live the savings !

Practice in urban environment

Easy to transport and park, the speedbike is perfect for getting to work and being fast around town, while having fun. It is even safer than a simple bicycle on a main road because there is almost no speed difference with cars and exposure to danger is therefore reduced. The floor space is also reduced, because it is less bulky than a scooter.

It’s also perfect for having fun on weekends off-road with good battery life : 850 Wh for the LMX 64H !

Vélo électrique puissant
Speed Bikes


Find our 45 km/h road-approved model and our off-road version right here :

Speed bike